Rules for Drop-catch Service

A.Drop-catch Service Intro
Domains without renewal or redemption after expiration will be newly released by registry. Customers are welcomed to place orders for such deleting domains on At the point of being deleted, will use exclusive interface to submit the registration requests and catch domains within 0.01 second.
    For some tlds, we have two channels. One is normal, the other is speedy one.


Normal Channel is for uncompetitive domains at more favourable price. It only allows one order and the cancellation is not supported. (first come, first served)
Speedy Channel has higher success rate and is mainly for competitive domains. It supports multiple orders and unbooked domain auction.
*unbooked domain auction: If you haven’t placed order for the domain, you can pay 50rmb to join the domain auction. The fee is not returned if you do not win the auction.

  1. Rules for dropcatch domains
  2. For one domain, if one places order at speedy channel initially, it cannot be ordered at normal channel anymore.
  3. For one domain, if one places order at normal channel initially and then there comes an order from speedy channel, the order will be cancelled from normal channel.
  4. To prevent bad intention, if Rule 2 exists, then the order from speedy channel cannot be cancelled.


Warm Prompt: Dropcatch domains are not supported to delete after registration.

  1. Rules for dropcatch domain auction

For one domain, if there is only one order, then the domain will be put into his/her account after successful registration. If there are multiple orders, the domain will enter auction period. (about 3 days, ending at random time from 19:00 - 23:00, UTC+8). The first order payment will be frozen as the first bid and order fee from others will be unfrozen.
Before the end of the bidding period, all users who have ordered before can participate in the bidding. The starting price will be the order price, not including premium domains. The security deposit and bid increment can be found at

*Normally, the order fee will be returned within 24 hours if the catch is failed.



  1. About Domain Auction Confirmation

The last bid is winner during the auction period.
The buyer has 72 hours to confirm whether to buy the domain at the price of closing cost. Once confirmed (No action within 72 hours is regarded as an implied consent), it comes into payment process of buyer.
If no action is taken within 72 hours, will deduct the auction fee from the winner's account without early notice.

  1. About Domain Auction Default

If no action is taken within 72 hours, and there's no enough balance on the winner's account, will consider the winner no long want the auction and the security deposit will not be returned.

If you have any further question, please submit a ticket and we will reply you as soon as possible.
Thanks for your support!