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How to get a successful transfer? Follow the steps below. Complete your transfer by the steps belowed
  • 1、preparation

    apply to the losing registry for transfer

    remove the “transfer prohibited” status

    get transfer authcode

  • 2、submit transfer application

    enter the domain and authcode

    separate domain and authcode by space key

    separate multi-domains by carriage return

  • 3、 transfer verification

    verify transfer authcode

    verify the availability of domain status

    after authenticating, confirm and pay for transfer

  • 4、transfer successfully

    Domain begins to transfer into

    Transfers will take 5 to 7 days under normal circumstances.

    Transfer status will display on transfer list and partially extensions need to confirm via email.

  • Domains must be valid in unlocked status without any dispute and back charge. 2. If the domain with dispute transferred into, will transfer that back to the losing registrar according to appeal. In order to prevent misbegotten domain, .com/net domains transferred from Godaddy and ENOM has to submit real-name material and source documents within 30 days before selling, push and out-transferring.

  • There will be one-year auto-renewal when domains transferred into (.la/ exclusive). Domains must be registered/renewed/transferred for at least 60 days, and as for .wang/top in-transfer, it must be more than 15 days to expiration, or you may lose one-year renewal fee.

  • Domains must be less than the maximum renewal period(Normally 10 years).

  • When the transfer is completed, you can login into domain management to modify admin contact info and password.

  • If you want to use DNS of to parse, we will inform you via email and add “www” host name to your server IP automatically. Parsing will not be affected during transfer.

  • If the losing registrant refused the transfer, registrant can follow the steps below to complain.Complaint site for IDN: site for domestic domain like .cn: or 010-58813000

  • Domains transferred for free can only transfer out in 60 days.

Tips:Transfer price is the renewal fee. When transferred into, we will extend your domain registration from its current expiry date. ( .la/ exclusive)
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A domain transfer is, in effect, to transfer domain name from the management under one registrar to another registrar., as the double-accredited registrar by ICANN and CNNIC, devotes itself to the healthy and sustainable domain industry development and serves all customers wholeheartedly. According to the domain transfer policy, the losing registrant cannot refuse or restrict transfer or gets additional fee with any means. will follow the principles and support domain outgoing transfer freely.

If the losing registrant refused the transfer, registrant can follow the steps below to complain.
Complaint site for IDN:
Complaint site for domestic domain like .cn: or 010-58813000

>Domains must be valid and already registered with another Registrar
>Domains must be registered for at least 60 days and in unlocked status
>Please obtain authorization codes before transfering domains to
>Domains must be renewed for at least 60 days from last renewal.

Q Can registrant update his whois after transfer??

Yes, the registrant can update his ownership info during or after transfer by template.

Q Will parsing be resolved in the normal way during transfer?

. As a registrar is only responsible for the management of your domain records, this transfer should in no way affect your website, relevant email or DNS.