May is for .dev-elopers

In Spring, Google Registry blooms with developer-focused domains. The .app, .dev, .foo, .nexus, .mov, and .zip top-level domains all launched in May and this Spring, .dev is turning five. To celebrate, we’re offering 50% off standard-priced .dev domains from now through the end of May. Visit to find one of our preferred partners.

Since the .dev top-level domain first joined the internet five years ago, we’ve seen over 600,000 .dev domain registrations and watched thousands of new websites launch. Get your next project started with these five helpful .dev websites for developers:

  1. launched in 2019 and since then, Google’s Chrome Developer Relations team has evolved this site into their one-stop shop for practical advice for web developers. It’s also the home of Baseline — an initiative to clarify the status of web platform features across browsers — and hosts content to help developers improve their Core Web Vitals.

  2. is an OpenSSF project to simplify code signing for open-source ecosystems. It provides a foundation of trust for supply chain security, offering open-source easy-to-use tooling and services to simplify the creation and verification of digital signatures.

  3. discusses the security benefits of applying transparency logs to cryptographically prove data has not been changed using Trillian, a Google-created, open-source, tamper-evident log that stores an accurate, immutable and verifiable activity history.

  4. is developer Matt Perry’s side-project, where he experiments with ways to make native browser animation APIs more powerful and easier to use. It’s an animation library built on the Web Animations API for small file size and fast performance.

  5. is an open source code editor that allows multiple developers to navigate and edit within a shared workspace. Zed makes it easy to have nuanced, real-time conversations about any part of your codebase, whether you're working with someone at the next desk or on a different continent.