Renewal Grace Period Notification in 2023

This is no notify the renewal grace period for some extensions.

Normally, we will give 30 days for renewal after domain expiration. While for some extensions, there are lots of auto-renewal deductions on registry which will impact normal domain registration and renewal service. Therefore, we have shortened renewal grace period for some extensions,namely, if you do not renew your domains within the grace period, the domain will enter redemption period.

There is a risk to lose your domains after expiration. It is better to renew your domains before expiration.

8-day rnewal grace period after expiration:


Please note we do suggest you renew your domains before expiration and it is subject to applicable consensus policies and provisions of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement ("RAA"), registrars may delete registrations at any time after they expire.

The redemption fee for domains is normally 1200RMB(185USD or so). Please consult with customer service for exact fee.