Procedures and Rules for Sedo Buy-It-Now Domain

Please refer to the following for purchase process and rule for buy-it-now domains from Sedo.

ASearch a domain BPre-order CTo Pay DClose the Deal

A. Search a domain

Customers need to search exact domains because there is no online list provided from Sedo.

You could check exact domains from domain availability and whois inquiry results.

B. Pre-order

Find the domain you prefer and click pre-order. There will be no fee when you pre-order and you can also cancel the order. After order, the domain will be locked and you have 8 hours to complete the payment.

C. To pay

After order, please navigate to management center-marketplace-Buy domains-Sedo Purchase for payment, including both domain purchase and incoming transfer fee. (Please check for transfer fee ).

If there is no payment within 8 hours, the order will be canceled and may available again for pre-order.

D. Close the deal

After payment, the system will complete the transaction automatically and customers could navigate to management center-marketplace-Buy domains-Sedo Purchasefor progress view.


1. What is Sedo Buy-It-Now domain?

It is domain sold on sedo in buy-it-now manner.

2. What extensions does it have?

.com /.net /.org /.biz /.pro /.mobi /.info /.me /.la /.pw /.cn /.co /.top /.wang /.xyz /.club /.red /.kim /.bid

3. When I can receive my domain after payment?

It normally takes 7 days and not longer than 15 days.

4. About the default

After payment, the buyer cannot default. For reasons beyond our control like failed domain transfer, we will refund all payment to buyers account balance(No compensation).

 The refund payment could be withdrawn.(no handling fee within 1000RMB; 1%1000 )

5. About the invoice will not provide invoice for Sedo buy-it-now domains since we are only the transaction platform.