GRS Registry TLD Price Change Notification (FFM Previously)

Dear Customers,


We have received an important announcement about the sixteen gTLD Registries formerly administered by Famous Four Media Limited (commonly known as FFM). The operating and coordinating functions previously provided by FFM will now be performed by a new company, Global Registry Services Limited (GRS Domains).


gTLDs include dot Loan, dot Win, dot Men, dot Bid, dot Stream, dot Review, dot Trade, dot Date, dot Party, dot Download, dot Science, dot Racing, dot Accountant, dot Faith, dot Webcam and dot Cricket.


     GRS Registry changes the overall strategy of the portfolio of gTLDs, the main one being a change to a “quality over quantity” ethos and focusing on working with registrars to sharply reduce abuse and spam registrations. Thus, the gTLDs price will increase as following,



Effective Date: Beijing Time (UTC+8)  Aug 17th 12:00 for Renewal/Transfer

                                             Aug 20th 00:00 for Registration


Change:  Registration/Renewal/Transfer priced at  86RMB/yr  for all 16 tlds under GRS Domains


Reminder: Please take your time to buy/transfer/renew your domains before raised price.



Feel free to submit a ticket if you have any question about it. We reserve all the right for the final explanation.

Aug 15th