Introduction: 【闪星、闪行、善行】
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Auction time
In page displays the start and end time shall prevail
Proxy Bid
You can be a "current price + integer doubly price range," the amount, when other buyers bid, the system will automatically bid to minimize the rate of increase up until your maximum bid is far more than other buyers, agents can modify the price. Bids are the same, leading proxy bids; if the price of the same agent, leading the first set of buyers. More》
Auction Delay
Junction beat the remaining time is less than 5 minutes, and if the new bid occurs, the system will automatically extend the remaining time to 5 minutes. If there have been new bid in five minutes inside, will once again extended to 5 minutes.
Trade Description
After the Division I registered the domain name release transaction is successful, the domain name will be locked to ensure the security of transactions, the transfer is only available after trading registrar,See detailed auction trading rules《West Digital Domain auction trading rules》。